Free trial of our URL filtering solution

You can try the URL filter from URLfilterDB for free!

If you want to extensively test the URL filter and explore all of its features, refer to our Trial License Request for a 60-day trial license of a fully functional URL filter.

We are convinced that the only independent party who can make a solid evaluation and make a statement about the quality of a URL filter database is you!  Try it and judge the URLfilterDB qualities for yourself.  The Internet filter trial version is fully functional.  You can simply install our URL filter, ufdbGuard, and the URL database in a matter of minutes, and see in the log file which URLs are being blocked.  If necessary you can run the product in test mode only, to see what sites can be blocked without actually blocking them.

The software suite also contains a utility to analyse the log file of Squid.  This utility produces a report that shows which types of websites the users of the Internet are visiting.  See the Reference Manual for more details.

For a quick test, visit the URLfilterDB query database on this website to check what filtered categories URLs belong to.