Privacy policy

URLfilterDB is committed to protecting your privacy and therefore no personal information about you is collected when you visit this site, unless you choose to provide that information such as your email address when you apply for a trial license.

URLfilterDB will in no way sell, trade, rent or share any personal information or data which you provide via this website, email or otherwise with any other company or individual.  Records of clients will never be disclosed to any third party, unless required by law. 

The URL filters of URLfilterDB collect a limited set of data where all privacy-related items are removed before uploading them to the server systems of URLfilterDB.  URLfilterDB does not receive privacy-related items, such as internal IP addresses, usernames, passwords and query terms.  The collected data are general counters like number of users, system name and operating system, number of URL lookups, and uncategorised URLs.  The uncategorised URLs are URLs that are not yet in any of the configured URL tables and are analysed to be included in future releases of the URL database.  The ufdbGuard for Squid product can be configured to not upload uncategorised URLs.

URLfilterDB has a zero-tolerance policy for child pornography and may report the IP addresses of the servers which are used to access child pornography to the police.  URLfilterDB shares all data about child pornography with the police and authorities without a warrant, so if URLfilterDB has relevant data, a simple request of the police or authority is sufficient to hand over the requested data.

This website uses cookies

This website uses browser cookies.  URLfilterDB uses a CMS which uses cookies for page rendering.  Browser cookies are not used for user tracking reports or user statistics.  URLfilterDB has never traced users and will never trace users.