URL Filter Solutions

URLfilterDB offers various internet filter solutions

Web proxy filter

ufdbGuard for Squid works with the Squid web proxy and is an internet filter with many features.  Both Squid and ufdbGuard for Squid are Free Open Source Software.

DNS filter

ufdbGuard for DNS is a plugin for the BIND DNS server (named) and makes it a filtering DNS server.

Other filtering products

For solution providers and other businesses there are various products:
ufdbGuard API is a URL classifier in a C library,
ufdbGuard REST API is a URL classifier with a REST interface,
Query Server is a URL classification server to support filtering on smartphones and small devices,
Technology Package has a substantial part of our intellectual property and provides all tools and data to become a URL database provider.

All products do not track users, not even with "anonymised data".  The products only keep track of new URLs which are not yet part of the URL database, and has a few counters for statistical purposes.

ufdbGuard API 2.0.1 was released on July 8, 2024.
ufdbGuard REST API 1.0.17 was released on April 2, 2024.
ufdbGuard for Squid 1.35.8 was released on June 3, 2024.
ufdbGuard plugin for DNS v1.0.3 (BIND named) was released on February 7, 2024.
A new URL category AI chat was released on February 6, 2024.
ufdbGuard for Squid is Free Open Source Software Open Source logo   and can also be downloaded from SourceForge