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Licensing model for ufdbGuard for Squid

The use of the URL database is licensed based on the number of users. The license is both for use of the URL database and a subscription to regular content updates of the URL database.

For profit organizations, the number of licenses should cover all users in the company who have access to the Internet.

Governments, educational institutions and non-profit organizations receive a discount of 40% on fees for the URL database used by ufdbGuard for Squid.

Do you represent an ISPs or manufacturer of appliances?  Ask for our fee table for ISPs and manufacturers.

The fee table below is for the product ufdbGuard for Squid only.  Contact the support and sales desk for information about fees for other products.

Prices per 12-month subscription
ufdbGuard for Squid

Number of users Price per user *
6-10 €  12,00
11-50 €  10,00
51-200 €  8,00
201-500 €  5,95
501-1000 €  4,95
1001-2000 €  3,60
over 2000 request quote
* all prices are in EURO and exclusive VAT and other taxes.  At request a quote can be made with prices in US dollars (USD).