release notes for ufdbGuard v1.30

ufdbGuard v1.30 was released to resolve 4 issues and to implement new features. The most interesting new feature is the support for lists of users defined in LDAP, Kerberos, Active Directory or any other queriable database.

Fixes for Issues

  • ufdbguardd erroneously stated that an empty group did not exist.
  • ufdbguardd sometimes crashed when issueing an error for a category being defined twice
  • prevent crash on reload when over 7000 ACLs are being used
  • remove race condition when calling ufdb-pstack for crash reporting

New Functionality

  • a new keyword execuserlist is introduced to support querying of any type of user database including LDAP, Kerberos and Active Directory
  • a new keyword refreshuserlist is introduced to define the time successive queries of user groups defined by execuserlist
  • querying of user groups has been optimised: ufdbGuard does not query all groups any more but just the ones which are defined in the configuration
  • and are added to the list of SafeSearch search engines
  • the ufdbConvertDB script generates errors with more details
  • the install procedure uses LSB scripts or chkconfig if it exist to configure the startup script in /etc/init.d
  • startup script in /etc/init.d removes old UNIX socket when ufdbguardd is started at system boot


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