Release Notes for ufdbGuard 1.32

Version 1.32 of ufdbGuard was released to introduce various new features.  All fixes that were released as patches to ufdbGuard 1.31 are included in version 1.32 and the Reference Manual was updated.

New Functionality

  • a new engine is implemented reducing the number of HTTPS probes that ufdbguardd sends to web servers to determine its URL category,
  • the default compression method of the URL database tables changed from bzip2 to zlib which increases the decompression speed by 500%,
  • ufdbguardd is faster when a large number of users is configured.  In addition, the results of the execuserlist directive are cached to ensure high performance under all conditions,
  • ufdbguardd has new features to support Squid ssl-bump peek+bump,
  • a new directive (%C) in the redirection URL expands to all categories that a URL belongs to,
  • ufdbguardd supports a new URL category localnet which includes all IPv4 IPs of private networks,
  • ufdbGenTable has support for many new TLDs,
  • ufdbUpdate can send an email if it fails to download the URL database or fails to signal ufdbguardd,
  • in the event that ufdbguardd crashes, a crash report is generated which may be uploaded automatically,
  • new parameters were introduced to support IPv6 probes, pidfile location, number of threads, and complex source matching.


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