Release Notes of ufdbGuard v1.33

Version 1.33 of ufdbGuard was released to introduce various new features and fixes. 

New Functionality

  • ufdbGenTable and ufdbguardd support URLs with UTF8 characters in the domain, path and parameters
  • new keywords ipv6 and ipv6list can be used in source definitions,
  • new keywords ipv4 and ipv4list replace the existing keywords ip and iplist but for backward compatibility the keywords ip and iplist remain functional,
  • the certificate of sites used by the ucweb browser (which circumvents URL filters) are detected,
  • ufdbgclient has a new -m parameter to use multithreading and improve performance considerably,
  • the file is made world-readable,
  • the new keyword ufdb-log-url-details controls if URLs in the log file have parameters or not.

Fixes for Issues

  • for URL tables with over 2000 URLs and more than one URL with the same (sub)domain, ufdbGenTable may produce an incorrect URL table,
  • on the ARM platform generated URL tables were corrupt,
  • sometimes ufdbguardd had false positives with Tor proxy detection on port 443,
  • failed probes for :443 were not properly cached and resulted in too many probes for IP,
  • when reverse IP lookups are used, the URL category was not logged correctly,
  • implicitly allowed URLs were logged with category "any" instead of the correct category ID,
  • ufdbGenTable uses less memory,
  • the feature "block-bumped-connect on" never blocked a CONNECT request.

New URL categories

The URL database has the following new URL categories:
  • webradio
  • webtv
  • searchengine
  • youtube
  • vimeo


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