Become a URL filter vendor with the Technology Package

URLfilterDB has a unique product for solution providers that no other URL database vendor offers and is basically a complete package to become an independent URL database maintainer/vendor.
Provided that certain market criteria are met, solution providers can purchase the Technology Package that includes:
  • the complete URL database in plain text,
  • the ufdbGuard API with the high performance database format 3.1,
  • bots that retrieve content from websites in any language and any character set, and classify the content using 2 AI engines,
  • in case the bots have difficulties retrieving content they optionally use 3rd party content scraping services,
  • tools to improve the performance of the bots,
  • a high quality, large and diverse data set which is suitable for AI training,
  • QA tools,
  • source code of all programs and tools required to maintain the URL database,
  • documentation,
  • developer support.
The Technology Package is basically a copy of a substantial part of our intellectual property where the solution provider gains an almost all-inclusive perpetual right to use this intellectual property. 

The Technology Package is sold with the following conditions:
  • client is not allowed to resell the technology,
  • client is not allowed to compete for a period of 24 months with URLfilterDB for existing customers of URLfilterDB.