ufdbGuard API

Integrate a URL classifier into your application

The ufdbGuard API is a software library that can be used by any 3rd party application written in C or C++.

The API has the following properties:
  • classifies URLs in content categories like ads, webmail, entertainment, adult, etc.
  • is multithreaded and scales well
  • loads the URL database into memory
  • excellent performance with 250,000 URL classifications (*) per second on a single Intel E5 2420 v1 CPU with 6 cores.
  • maintains statistics that the application can query
  • At request we can also deliver a version that boosts performance on the Intel CPUs using SIMD AVX and AVX2 technology.  The performance leaps to over 1,2 million URL classifications per second (*) on a single Intel E5 1650 v3 CPU with 6 cores.  And also on previous generations of CPUs the API performs very well: over 900,000 URL classifications/sec on an Intel E5 1620 v2 CPU with 4 cores.
(*) all content categories are queried for each URL classification.

The ufdbGuard API is very different from ufdbGuard for Squid and has a different license scheme targeted for environments with large volumes.  System integrators and vendors may contact the support desk for more information.