ufdbGuard API

Integrate a URL classifier into your application

The ufdbGuard API is a software library that can be used by any 3rd party application written in C or C++.

The API has the following properties:
  • classifies URLs and IPv4/IPv6 addresses into content categories like ads, webmail, entertainment, adult, etc.
  • suitable for multithreaded applications
  • loads the URL database into the memory of an on-site server, so no dependency on a cloud
  • the URL database can be extended with user-defined URL categories
  • maintains statistics that the application can query
  • uses database format 3.1** which is optimized to be used on CPUs with advanced vector instructions (AVX) and performs 550,000 classifications per second* using a single thread on an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPU.
  • also available for filtering appliances with the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and Marvell's MIPS64 Octeon III CN7xxx bare metal systems.
* all content categories are queried for each URL classification.
** requires version 1.35.4 or higher.

The ufdbGuard API is different from ufdbGuard for Squid and has a different license scheme targeted for environments with large volumes.  System integrators and vendors may contact the support desk for more information.