ufdbGuard, a URL filter for Squid

ufdbGuard is the best URL filter one can find on the internet that is free and Open Source Software.  ufdbGuard for Squid is designed for use with the popular web proxy Squid.

The advantages of ufdbGuard for Squid are:

  • Squid and ufdbGuard can be installed on a single server only.  There is no need for installing additional software on workstations.
  • ufdbGuard for Squid can be used with a licensed URL database from URLfilterDB or any free text-based URL database.
  • ufdbGuard guards against security risks incurred by proxy tunnels, SSH tunnels, unauthorised VPNs and other unauthorised tools that punch holes in firewalls using the web proxy like UltraSurf.
  • URLfilterDB provides an excellent URL database for ufdbGuard to block adult sites, gambling sites and many other types of sites.  See pricing and get a trial license for more information.
  • ufdbGuard uses a blacklist filter method as the most efficient way to block undesired websites.
  • ufdbGuard is the fastest URL filter with an amazing 140,000 URL verifications/sec on a single core of a modern AMD® processor (Ryzen 9 5950X) running Linux.
  • ufdbGuard for Squid is copyright-protected, but free for use.  Also in commercial environments.
The free and popular web proxy Squid and ufdbGuard integrate easy.  Detailed information comes with the distribution of ufdbGuard.  For more information on how ufdbGuard works together with the URL database of URLfilterDB, refer to our "How it works" page in this section.

ufdbGuard and its reference manual can also be downloaded from Get ufdbGuard.

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