URL database

URLfilterDB provides a URL database intended for use with ufdbGuard for Squid, the ufdbGuard Query Server, the ufdbGuard API and REST API.  The database contains URLs with over 50 URL categories which a proxy administrator can use to define which groups of users are allowed to visit which types of websites.

The advantages of our internet filter solution are:

  • can be installed on a single server only. There’s no need for installing additional software on workstations.
  • highly customizable; an administrator can define new URL categories according to the organization’s needs. URL categories can be whitelisted, blacklisted and one can make exceptions to existing URL categories using the user-defined URL categories
  • the URL database has daily updates.  URLs are therefore always evaluated against the latest URL database.
For more information on how ufdbguard and the URL database of URLfilterDB works, please refer to our “How it works” page in this section.